Day Trip #1: Mesilla and Las Cruces

A leisurely trip up old highway 28 through cotton and chili fields and pecan orchards. Visit historic Old Mesilla, New Mexico with over 50 unique shops, award winning restaurants and cafes and museums & galleries. If "wining" is of interest to you, follow Hwy 28 North through the valley with stops at Zin Valle, La Vina, The Rio Grande Valley Vineyards, and St. Clair Winery.  All these wineries are located along Hwy 28 between La Union and Mesilla.    Please check hours of the specific wineries, as not all are open daily.

And if you have time, or choose to make a second trip, there is always the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruces and the 1.5 mile hike at Dripping Springs.

Day Trip #2: White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument (1 hr 45 min from the B&B) preserves a major portion of the world's largest gypsum dune field, along with the plants and animals that have successfully adapted to this harsh environment. Visitor Center, museum, 8-mile scenic drive, hiking trails & ranger-guided walks.

Consider driving on to Alamogordo (40 min) to visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

Or consider driving north another 45 minutes to the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is one of the greatest concentrations of prehistoric Native American rock art on the continent - more than 21,000 petroglyphs or rock etchings.

Day Trip #3: Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a subterranean marvel. Created slowly over the millennia, its beautiful formations awe visitors year round. It is one of twenty World Heritage sites in the United States. Self-guided tours and ranger-guided tours are available. This is a full day taking 3 hours to get to Carlsbad, but worth every minute.

Day Trip #4: Palomas, Mexico & St. Clair Winery

An hour west of the Bed and Breakfast is Columbus, NM. You can visit Pancho Villa State Park and then cross the border into Mexico (a 3 block walk) to visit the Pink Adobe Store & Restaurant, the Drug Store and other shops.

You can then head north to Deming, NM (35 miles) and visit the St. Clair Winery and the Deming Museum.